My Funny Resolution (part-1)

Here I am taking a new year resolution three days after the day I am supposed to do it. Isn’t that funny. Well, I did take one anyway, so happy new year to all !

Is it the fresh air of excitement or the new set of hope and promises, that enters our life with the dawn of  January 1st, I can’t understand what makes the moment of stepping into a new deck of three sixty five days so intriguing. Yet you can find me among those who jump around when the clock strikes twelve. I am one of those who gets a gush in their nerves, every time the countdown begins. There are certain things though, Certain things that are on my deceived checklist. Certain things I always wanted to get over.

Getting drenched in alcohol till my nose bleeds them out, visiting a haunted place so that I can live to tell the tale next day, with pride and making a list of resolutions that might make my life a little more significant are the ‘to do mission’ that makes to the top of my list. When it comes to making a new year resolution, I would like to take this moment to gesture a standing ovation to all those idealist who take a great deal of time and effort to make a list and stick to it. Seriously! I consider it a great fruition if I successfully move my sorry arse out of the couch to make myself a milkshake,  Making a resolution is far from becoming an accomplishment. Hence I have decided to scratch that off my list for quite a while and excuse myself by saying ‘hey yo, I am living the moment!’

This year, I decided to bring a bit of twist,  by giving my ‘Yolo’ a break. This year, I have decided to not make a resolution but something more essential than that. A change. This year, I decided to make a funny resolution and the best part is, I did make a funny resolution. My ‘funny resolution’ for the year of 2017 is

I, Sujhini Rajkumar of house ‘I don’t give one fuck about it’ , protector of my own sorry arse, pledge that I will take a good long and relishing look at myself in the mirror everyday.Just the way it is.”


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