Onika-A tribute

My happiness doesn’t come from money or fame. My happiness comes from seeing life without struggle- Nicki Minaj
Ambitions come along with inspirations. People always love to be anyone else but them. I still remember when people asked me, “what do you wanna become in future?” One day I said I wanted to be like Abdul Kalam and build huge rockets. One day I said I wanted to be a super star like Amitabh Bachan and another day I said I wanted to be like Bhagat Singh and fight for my country. As years passed by I had no other choice but to grow old, as it was mandatory. Reality hit me like a cow bar! real hard. I had to face the truth that Abdul Kalam never married, Bhagat Singh was hanged at 21 and Amitabh Bachan is freaking six foot  tall!. Keeping Humor attempt aside, what I’m trying to say is We have conceived wrong ideas about ‘inspirations’. Getting Inspired from/by does not mean you must  adapt a habit or a lifestyle that belongs to someone else. That will only cost you your happiness and suck the satisfaction out of your life.(Parents, who are hearing me out , please don’t ask your kid to be like ‘Abdul Kalam’ and face the consequence later!).  Inspiration can come from a value or a belief that you honor. Inspirations can either come from Alexander who failed or the successful spider.

                Hence I decided to write about one such woman who inspired me . Her Vibe is something people consider an influence than inspiration. Well, I wouldn’t blame them for being threatened by such an intimidating persona. To many, she is all about boobs and butt. To some she is nothing but that. To me she is more than that. she is the women who told me to be myself no matter what. Today I to dedicate this post to my favorite music sensation, the queen of rap, Nicki Minaj. I am going tell why I find this woman amazing

Bottom Reached Up299858702-large

   The foremost thing that glorifies her existence, The one thing that brings a huge respect in my chest for her is the fact the she is a bottom reached up person.  Onika Tanya Maraj faced hardships as much as you and me. Her journey from being a waitress to ruling a male dominated world of rap is breathtaking.

So Dah Fuck What


Her flamboyant sense of fashion never failed to kindle the animal in me! Be it her audacious choice of hair and makeup(neon hair, seriously!) or the choice of clothes that makes her look nothing less than a Greek goddess. But the spice only turns the heat on. With the right attitude of no fucks given, The crowd sits up straight when the queen walks in

Big Titties Big But too


How can one not notice her absolutely explicit lyrics breaking the threshold that chains a woman’s passion for her body.(Of course, excluding the fact that it’s a tad inappropriate for children. Phew!) One can be proud and comfortable with their body and their sensuality, irrespective of their shape or size. Nicki makes sure the point is delivered.

Haters Hate


“Slut, cunt, desperate, whore!”  Name her with whatever  slur you want, I’ll be surprised if you can find a way to phase this woman. The most important lesson I’ve learned from this pop queen, Face your pits like you face your peaks. Get tired, get broke and get shamed, maybe or maybe not for a reason. But at the end of the day wake up and push your arse to do whatever you ought to do, Because haters are going to exist anyway. Their existence is a reminder that you are headed towards success. Now, tell me if she isn’t the baddest chick ever!


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