Ever wondered that one day you will be sitting on your couch with sunlight shining bright on your face giving you all the signs saying “girl you deserve all the happiness in this world so get your but out of that stupid couch and come out, use me!”.  Little did I know that all those ‘sunshine gestures’ would matter less than the size of a pea hole to me because here I am, being the desperately bored person that I am (well…not always) sitting on my couch with sunlight shining bright on my face, doing nothing but watching harry potter( Bearing the honor of ‘potterhead’ has got its own set of complications so no complaints here!)

But hey, this is not about me getting bored or me getting desperate. This is about why I started this blog.  This is me being proud of myself for pushing my sorry arse to  start writing. This blog is dedicated to all absolutely gorgeous and insanely talented people out there who has got no idea about it. Now, this might sound like ranting or maybe it does. But who cares, it took a humongous effort for me to muster up courage to save myself from drowning in self-doubt and self-pity.

There were times when I thought that I am not even fit to sharpen a pencil head. Writing is and has always been a burning dream desire and passion that, for me, was very far from becoming a godmother’s granted boon.Then who was stopping me from doing it. If there was anyone out there to be blamed, that would be me.  I was too busy falling in love with haters out there. Too busy to realize to see what I was giving away, a chance to be myself!. Now, before I get into the ‘you’re too late honey’ zone I decided to seize the rod and hit the chord.

I am not going to lie that the lighting has struck and now I am a changed person. All I can vouch for is that there is something in me that constantly gives a nudge to ignite the spark if not a fire, because there we people believe that drops of water make an ocean don’t we.  So I’ve decided to start collecting the drops. So what if I’m not the writer I pictured myself to be, I write and that’s what I love. It gives me a pleasure that is beyond compare and that is exactly why i started this blog. To see what a sucker I am at writing. I’ve created my own weighing machine, my safe haven. There is so much of positivity  in this world, probably more than the helium, the sun has got.  I want to dig that out I want to make them spread as much as I can and when we run out of it, that’s when the world ends.